Theta Meditations for Self-Discovery & Creativity

These open-ended theta meditations will usher you into your subconscious mind to discover what it seeks to give you. So relax on your way down and in, receive your insights, and at the end of the meditation find a landmark (a word, image, concept, or body sensation) for what theta feels like. Recalling your theta landmark will speed your entry into the depths of alpha-theta meditation later on.  


These meditations are intended to connect you with your subconscious creativity, insight, intuition, and spirituality without involving the conscious beta mind of thought and analysis. They are journeys into "the deep" to see what is there. This is the silent Meditation pattern of inner peace, unity, and open receptivity to whatever comes. 


Your theta waves will upstream insights across your alpha bridge, which will receive them as images or a sense of feeling or knowing, and then send them up into beta for understanding in words. The idea is to not analyze the information in beta, simply to receive and maintain your concentrated awareness in theta until the flow of energy and information ends. Spontaneous healing can occur during theta meditations, as you get in touch with your essential being and the transformative power of light and love. Creativity flows. Insights can be very powerful.   


Contraindications: These psychospiritual meditations are not recommended for people with a history of mental illness or severe emotional trauma. Should alpha-theta meditation training stir up overwhelming feelings, we recommend that you contact a therapist or a certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer for assistance. 



Down and In

By Anna Wise


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Sink into your depths by going Down and In to become aware of helpful information and insights available in your subconscious. Or fly up and out to the Purple Planet. The Creativity Circle beckons you to open your imagination to creative flow. All three tracks are accompanied by soft, gentle music with binaural beats supporting deep meditation.



·       Down and In. Descend into magical, mystical theta to find what your subconscious seeks to give you. 17:44 minutes.


·       The Purple Planet. Up, up and away…and down to a world of discovery in purple theta. Anna wrote this meditation for her son John when he was a child. It works beautifully for adults. 9:58 minutes.


·       Creativity Circle. With exquisite gentleness and softness, you drift down, down, very far down...into creative inspiration. 15:22 minutes.