Awakened Mind Meditations for Creativity & Flow

The Awakened Mind is an open, flowing awareness with the clarity of conscious beta, the relaxed, sensory awareness of alpha, the creativity, insight, intuition, and spirituality of subconscious theta, and the psychic radar and empathy of unconscious delta. Exhibited by highly developed and spiritually awakened people, this pattern is produced by people who are engaged in conscious evolution. 


Some people develop the Awakened Mind through "aha" moments of insight, creative endeavor, connection with nature, yoga, t'ai chi, qi gong, and energy healing practices. More often, it is the result of searching inwardly for solutions to personal challenges during silent, sitting meditation. It is the pattern of people committed to dissolving the barriers between themselves and who they really are. Such is the focus of these recordings: active, working meditations geared to self-discovery, healing, and inner transformation.


Awakened Mind meditation stirs deeply felt intuitive insights that elevate perspectives and heal or transform outworn patterns of consciousness. Because it is a portal to all higher states of awareness, you may well receive multi-dimensional insights and transcend time and space to meet yourself in a field without limits and boundaries. Some of the meditations on this page begin with healing and transformation and then take you up...up...into the farthest reaches of universal love and awareness. We wish you healing, illumination, and ecstatic experiences.  


Contraindications: Aside from the Beingness album, the psychospiritual meditations in this deep-state category are not recommended for people with a history of mental illness and/or severe emotional trauma. Should alpha-theta meditation training stir overwhelming feelings, we recommend that you contact a psychotherapist or a certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer for assistance and guidance. 



Anna Wise & Judith Pennington


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Besides amplifying your alpha, these entertaining and deeply insightful meditations will make a tangible difference in your life. Four “beingness” meditations—the classic Animal Sensualization, The Magic Potion, and Plant/Tree Sensualization by Anna Wise, and The Book by Judith Pennington—will usher you across the alpha bridge into theta for self-discovery and connection with your essential being.


Arrange your qualities and characteristics in short “I am” statements and repeat them daily to power up your alpha and your life on cellular and quantum levels. Each experience will be a new one relevant to that time in your life. Repeated practice will make your imagery sharper and more vivid, with more of your inner senses and creative imagination enlivened and engaged.


·       Animal Sensualization. Your subconscious reveals the strengthens of your essential being and animates them in your life. 12:03 minutes.


·       The Magic Potion. Concept by Anna Wise, script by Judith Pennington. As this magic potion, how are you used? And what is your purpose? 15:05 minutes.


·       Plant/Tree Sensualization. How deep are your roots, and what makes you strong? 12:59 minutes.


·       The Book, by Judith Pennington. What does the book contain? Who reads it? 9:46 minutes. 



Paths of Mastery

By Anna Wise


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These advanced Awakened Mind meditations are designed to help meditators clear blocks that obstruct personal integration and evolution. Qualities of Mastery invites you to embody the characteristics of the Awakened Mind. Your Evolutionary Path will help you discern how to move forward on your personal evolutionary path. 


These meditations are presented in Seminar 3 of the Practitioner Training Program. All tracks are accompanied by quiet, subtle Awakened Mind music with beta, alpha, theta, and delta binaural beats. 


·        Finding the Block. Get in touch with the block and make it tangible. 13:32 minutes.


·        Healing the Block. Dialogue with it, find out what it needs, and transform or heal it. 22:43 minutes.


·        Inner Child Meditation. Heal your wounded inner child in order to be healthy and whole. 26:05 minutes.


·        Your Evolutionary Path. What lies ahead of you, and what are your next steps? 26:23 minutes. 


·        The Qualities of Mastery. Give yourself these qualities and embody them. 24:12 minutes.




By Anna Wise


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Anna Wise’s consummate creativity meditations take the muse out of snooze. Descend into your subconscious to obtain practical insights and solutions to life challenges and creative projects. Practice these meditations to access creative flow at will. Each track is accompanied by quiet, subtle music with binaural beats that support creative awakening.



·       Creativity Circle. Descend into theta, allow the creativity to surface, and put it to work. 15:23 minutes.


·       Exercise Yo’ Game. Discover solutions to a creative project or endeavor. Have pen and paper or crayons and markers at hand. Guide yourself through the process a second time. 14:06 minutes. 


·       House of Doors II. Open the Challenges and Solutions doors for problem-solving creativity and insight.     33:38 minutes.


Pure Consciousness

By Judith Pennington


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These meditations by Judith Pennington focus on inner healing as the pathway to spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Forgive and let go of the past with Gifts to the Altar and Pure Consciousness. Ride 40-hertz gamma waves up to the celestial Timeline to clear imprints from the past and rewrite your life, with gamma support by audio technologist Bob Holbrook of The Monroe Institute. All three tracks feature exquisitely beautiful, heart-opening music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio.


·       Gifts to the Altar. A simple and potent forgiveness exercise for releasing incoherent energy on the cellular and atomic levels. Music: A Soothing Caress. 19:45 minutes.


·       The Timeline. Rise up to the timeline’s colored spheres and change your life. Music: Ascension. Contains 40Hz gamma frequencies delivered through Spatial Angle Modulation technology. 40:00 minutes.   


·       Pure Consciousness. Liberate yourself and rise into the light of pure consciousness. Music: Letting Go.    33:58 minutes.