Global Consciousness Network: Bringing the Mind Mirror to the World with Automated Data Analysis and an Evolutionary Guided Meditation Program

The Portal uploads your Mind Mirror session and automates all data analysis, making it easy to understand and track your brainwave patterns and progress.

Above: The Meditation Viewer's moving Composite Display for either or both hemispheres shows the frequencies you want to see and the second-by-second changes in your brainwave patterns. The time-annotated guided meditation script displays the brainwave patterns you produced. Below: The dashboard's trend charts show your progress from session to session and thereby your next best steps in brainwave and consciousness development. 

Inside the Portal

Automated Mind Mirror Data Analysis

Enjoy your meditation session and let us take care of the rest. The Portal is your open door to automatic data processing  and client revenues. Join The Network to offer sessions to people in your area. 


The Meditation Center

Relax and dissolve the barriers between you and who you really are. Create. Discover. Awaken your awareness. Transcend time and space. 


Free Portal Subscriptions!

Try us out at no cost for your first 10 sessions. Take your time. You're going to love what you see and learn about your brainwaves and states of consciousness. Once you experience what we have to offer, we are confident that you will want to subscribe to our  highly affordable monthly or annual Personal or Professional plan!


Your Connection to Community

Use the Blog to let Portal us know about your meditation experience and how the Portal works for you. We listen, and we care.      

Working With Us

We designed the Portal for you, and we believe that you will love it. Subscribe today at no cost for 10 sessions, and try it out with your Mind Mirror. Expect excellence.

Our Promise

We are all about evolution. Count on positive change in the Portal's power and potential. That's what we want for you and for this open door to infinite possibility. 

Our Philosophy

We want to change the world for the better. This is how. It's an inside job. We awaken our awareness for the good of all, one stride in consciousness at a time.