Beta Mastery: Relax & Balance

Reducing beta through deep relaxation of the body-mind induces the calm and quietly alert awareness of silent meditation, the Awakened Mind pattern, and higher states of consciousness. Meditation is difficult if not impossible when the body is stressed or tensed. So sit or lie down, get comfortable, close your eyes and…just…let…go.


Bringing your thoughts back to your body-mind to deeply relax during these exercises will increase your peace, focal abilities, brain coherence, and IQ. Deep relaxation enables the brain to enter a state of rest during which it coordinates the nervous system and restores electrical health to every atom and cell. The vagus nerve relaxes muscles, including the heart, and these powerful physiological changes give rise to a sense of inner peace in the mind and the slower heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and improved immune system that are only a few of the numerous benefits of relaxation.   


Decades ago, Max Cade taught that hemispheric balance - meaning symmetry - is the gateway to all higher states of consciousness. Relaxation and theta meditations naturally tend to balance the brain's two hemispheres, but sometimes a little extra help is needed.


Anna Wise's "Hemispheric Balancing" exercise is short and sweet, but very powerful and effective. Before you begin this exercise, take a few moments to notice where energy is concentrated in your brain: front or back, left or right, or even outside your head? Check again after the exercise. You will feel much more balanced. Gradually, you will learn to be more aware of your beta and regulate it. Perhaps you will learn to bring your brain's electrical energy into symmetrical balance with merely the intentioned power of your mind.





By C. Maxwell Cade


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Max used these two relaxation exercises to concentrate mental awareness and train self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system and fight-or-flight response. Most of his higher-state meditations begin with “Relaxed.” Practice these often to coordinate and harmonize your body and mind.    



·        Relaxed. Quickly enter deep relaxation to rewire your nervous system and reduce mental-emotional reactivity. This short exercise is easy to remember. Create a landmark - a felt state of awareness - to remember what it feels like to be relaxed and re-enter that state. 5:43 minutes. 


·        Autogenic Relaxation Sequences. Tense, release, warm, and energize your body. Clinical evidence suggests that this highly systematized technique generates deep relaxation that reverses pathology and enhances concentration and peak performance.  28:58 minutes.



The River of Life

By Anna Wise


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The Anna Wise Protocol for developing consciousness begins with The River of Life. This deep dive into alpha-theta-delta will usher you to depths of relaxation and inner peace that you may never have experienced before. Be sure to create a landmark for relaxation and use it in daily life to condition inner peace.




·       The River of Life. This profound journey into mind-body relaxation leads to calm acceptance of the Tao, the flow of life and source of equanimity. 19:03 minutes.  


·       Hemispheric Balancing. These easy practices train the symmetry that facilitates entry into higher awareness. Practice makes perfect. 4:17 minutes.