Complete Brainwave Training Program

These four albums of meditations and exercises for brainwave and consciousness development are the meditative cornerstones of the Institute for the Awakened Mind's Practitioner Training Program. Certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainers use these Anna Wise meditations, ranging from beta mastery to non-local transcendence, to awaken the awareness of clients. We now make this comprehensive, sequential program available to everyone.


Following the Anna Wise Protocol for brainwave and consciousness development, the meditation structures in the first three albums evoke the Awakened Mind pattern; the fourth, spirituality and energy mastery. Anna Wise used this extraordinarily effective system in her thrice-yearly seminars at Esalen Institute for 30 years and in her practitioner training programs for 10 years. The Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) has taught these meditations in four Practitioner Training seminars over the past decade. This is the only progressive, EEG-tested and time-proven consciousness expansion system in existence.  


IAM and the Portal are pleased to make this program available to you. For Mind Mirror owners, these meditations and exercises come with scripts available in the Portal's Meditation Viewer for your use and benefit in tracking the steady advancement of your brainwaves and consciousness.  

The Anna Wise Protocol, Practitioner Training Seminars 1-4



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This album includes meditations and exercises from Anna Wise's "High-Performance Mind" CD, recorded in her voice, and two newly recorded meditations voiced by Judith Pennington: Deep Relaxation/River of Life and the Animal Sensualization. Relax, engage your inner senses, and receive profound insights while meditating to the House of Doors, The Bubble, and Personal Transformation. These compositions sequentially train the brain to sustain the Awakened Mind pattern.   

On the tracks voiced by Anna Wise, music by Kit Walker. 

  •  Beta Mastery. Includes a series of exercises: Become Aware of Thoughts, Relaxing the Tongue, Slow Your Breath, Concentration Exercises, Withdrawal From Your Thoughts.  27:50 minutes.
  • Deep Relaxation/The River of Life. This profound journey into mind-body relaxation leads to calm and accepting equanimity. Recorded by Judith Pennington. 19:03 minutes.
  • Animal Sensualization. Your subconscious reveals the strengthens of your essential being and animates them in your life. Recorded by Judith Pennington. 12:03 minutes.
  • House of Doors. Drift down into theta to explore your subconscious mind and learn what it wants to communicate. 19:59 minutes.
  • The Bubble. Expand your biofield to find the boundaries of your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. 21:22 minutes.
  • Transformation. This Awakened Mind meditation invites you to heal or transform a question, issue, or challenge in your life. 26:32 minutes.



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This collection of beta mastery and alpha development exercises provides meditators with additional practice in stabilizing and mastering those two brainwave categories. Two bonus meditations further refine brainwave mastery. Down and In is an open-ended theta meditation for self-discovery. Exercise Yo' Game, an Awakened Mind meditation, guides the meditator sequentially down to delta and back up again with solutions to a creative project or endeavor. Voicing by Anna Wise and Judith Pennington as noted below. Anna Wise tracks feature music by Kit Walker.



 ·       Hemispheric Balancing. These easy practices train the symmetry that facilitates entry into higher awareness. Voiced by Judith Pennington. 4:17 minutes.


 ·       Kickstarting Alpha. Generate alpha through eye rolls, then enjoy a Sensualization Exercise (sensory         sequences) utilizing all of your senses and ending with a meditation on your life. Voiced by Anna Wise. 26:32 minutes.


·       Drink Sensualization. Pinpoint your strongest senses during this short, clever exercise and practice it in daily life. Voiced by Judith Pennington.  3:46 minutes.


·       Alpha Development Word Picture. Walk through a living forest and sensualize what’s there. Voiced by Judith Pennington. 6:24 minutes.


·       The Down and In Meditation. Descend into magical, mystical theta to find what your subconscious seeks to give you. Voiced by Judith Pennington.  17:44 minutes. 


·       Exercise Yo’ Game. Discover solutions to a creative project or endeavor. Have pen and paper or crayons and markers at hand. Guide yourself through the process a second time. Voiced by Judith Pennington. 14:06 minutes. 


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These advanced, deep-state meditations by Anna Wise guide listeners to their subconscious wisdom and insight to clear blocks, release suppressed creativity, and strengthen these Awakened Mind tools of mastery and conscious evolution. The Qualities of Mastery invites you to embody the values and traits of the truly awakened person. Your Evolutionary Path reveals the best ways forward in life.  


Repeated practice of these tracks clears the mind and stabilizes the Awakened Mind pattern. Voiced by Judith Pennington, they include supportive music with Awakened Mind binaural beat frequencies.  


·        Finding the Block. Get in touch with the block and make it tangible. 13:32 minutes.


·        Healing the Block. Dialogue with it, find out what it needs, and transform or heal it.  22:43 minutes.


·        Inner Child Meditation. Heal your wounded inner child in order to be healthy and whole.  26:05 minutes.


·        Your Evolutionary Path. What lies ahead of you, and what are your next best steps? 26:23 minutes. 


·        The Qualities of Mastery. Give yourself these qualities and embody them. 24:12 minutes.



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This incredibly powerful collection of energy-mastery exercises and higher-state meditations ushers meditators into spiritual awakening and transcendence. Written by Anna Wise and voiced by Judith Pennington, Up and Out and The Orbit work with qi (chi). Experience your chakra system in Meditation on the Chakras. Expansion and Contraction, Gathering the Healing Energy, and Kundalini Meditation often open to illumination and cosmic consciousness.


Beautiful music by Enlightened Audio opens the heart and lifts the spirit.  


·       Expansion and Contraction of Consciousness. You feel the expansion in your energy system…and experience the union that is your birthright, your origin, your home. Music: Constellation. 22:21 minutes.


·       Gathering the Healing Energy for Transmission to Others. Let the heart and brain come together and the energy come out of your hands. Music: Ascension. 19:45 minutes. 


·       Kundalini Meditation. You are a pool of white light, pool of energies about to be unleashed. Music: Celestial Light. 27:16 minutes. 


·       The Orbit. Circulate the chi in the microcosmic orbit. 4:41 minutes.


·       Up and Out. Let the energy build and ride it out into the universe. 6:24 minutes


·       Meditation on the Chakras. A slowly unfolding meditation on the colors and characteristics of your chakra system. 23:32 minutes.