The Meditation Center

Welcome to the Meditation Center and a unique and extraordinary collection of guided meditations and exercises for new and seasoned meditators. Our complete meditation and brainwave training system, authored by C. Maxwell Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington, and voiced by Judith, will guide you to the creative flow and peak performance of the Awakened Mind and, if you wish, more expanded and non-local states of unitive awareness. 


You do not need to be a Mind Mirror owner to enjoy these guided meditations. They are for everyone. After you purchase an album or albums, you will receive a link in your email from The tracks are easily downloaded to your computer. However, if you are a Mind Mirror 6 owner, subscribe to the Mind Mirror Portal first.


These mind-expanding meditations developed out of more than 40 years of research with the Mind Mirror EEG and several physiology instruments. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have used these masterworks to relax, gain insights, create, awaken, and advance their lives. We know that you will benefit from them, too.




Working with the content of the mind, especially in combination with the Mind Mirror, is the quintessential path to conscious evolution. This scientific, time-proven fast track to brainwave development has no peer. It is the most profound and effective mind-expansion system in existence.


Visit About Us to meet the world class artists who created these recordings. Learn about the Mind Mirror and its brainwave patterns. Share your experiences on our Blog. We hope you enjoy these evolutionary works and return to them again and again.  

Beta Mastery: Relax

Profoundly relax and self-regulate your physiology, balance your brain, and attain the equanimity of inner peace. Explore. 



Alpha Development

Sensory exercises and richly detailed adventures in awareness animate, expand, and sustain your alpha bridge. Explore.


Theta Meditations

Go down and in to power up your creative imagination and discover what your subconscious seeks to give you. Explore.


Awakened Mind

Be a magic potion, book, or animal. Learn who you are and want to be. Travel to the past & future. Create in pure consciousness. Explore.


Higher States & Energy

Far journeys to timelessness, out-of-body travel, kundalini arousal, transcendence, light, and universal love. Enjoy gamma beats. Explore.  

Complete & Classic

From beta mastery to chi, these albums systematically awaken and evolve. Complete Brainwave Training Program. Classic albums.

Classic Albums & Complete Brainwave Training Program

Under Classic Albums, we offer Anna Wise's trail-blazing High-Performance Mind album and Judith Pennington's popular Meditation Experience albums. These highly affordable guided meditations and exercises provide deep personal insights and mental mastery within the Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind brainwave patterns.


Several tracks from The High-Performance Mind are combined with new recordings in the Complete Brainwave Training Program. These meditations are consecutively experienced by trainees during the four-seminar Awakened Mind Practitioner Training Program and, in turn, are used by certified practitioners to train their clients. 

How to Purchase Albums for Listening and Use in the Meditation Viewer

To purchase an album from the Meditation Center, please click on its Buy Now button. If you are not a Mind Mirror owner, simply download your purchased meditation into your computer and enjoy it with your music player (iTunes or Windows Media Player, for example). 


If you are a Mind Mirror owner and have signed up for a free or paid Portal account, the album you purchase will automatically download with its time-annotated meditation script into your Portal account. You can also purchase meditation recordings within the Portal Client. Visit How-to Videos to learn more.


An important note: If you did not subscribe to the Portal with your PayPal email address, please send an email to let us know about your album purchase. We will manually load the recordings and their time-annotated meditation scripts into your Portal account. 


The power of the Meditation Viewer cannot be overstated. Aligning the meditation instructions with your Mind Mirror brainwave patterns quickly reveals your next best steps and directions in consciousness training. Watch videos to learn how to record a Mind Mirror session while listening to a meditation, and how to use the Meditation Viewer.