The Meditation Center

Welcome to the Meditation Center and a unique and extraordinary collection of guided meditations and exercises for new and seasoned meditators. Written by mind researchers Max Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington, and voiced by Judith, these masterworks will guide you to creative insights and solutions while orchestrating your brainwaves into the ideal patterns of silent meditation, the peak-performance Awakened Mind, and the blissful spiritual states of transcendence, illumination, and enlightenment.


These brilliant compositions, geared to relaxation, self-discovery, healing, and transformation, developed out of and have all been tested on the Mind Mirror EEG. Over the past 40 years, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have used these meditations to advance their minds and lives. We know that you will benefit from them, too.


It is IAM's pleasure and privilege to present and preserve in perpetuity these time-proven masterpieces. There is no better way to evolve your mind and life, especially in combination with the Mind Mirror. This is the scientific fast-track to brainwave development and the quickest, most effective mind-expansion system in existence. We hope you enjoy these evolutionary works and return to them again and again. 


Visit About Us to meet the world class artists who created these recordings. Learn about the Mind Mirror and its brainwave patterns. Share your experiences on our Blog. We can better evolve ourselves and our world through deep and meaningful connection with each other.   

Beta Mastery: Relax

Profoundly relax and self-regulate your physiology, balance your brain, and attain the equanimity of inner peace. Explore. 



Alpha Development

Sensory exercises and richly detailed adventures in awareness animate, expand, and sustain your alpha bridge. Explore.


Theta Meditations

Go down and in to power up your creative imagination and discover what your subconscious seeks to give you. Explore.


Awakened Mind

Be a magic potion, book, or animal. Learn who you are and want to be. Travel to the past & future. Create in pure consciousness. Explore.


Higher States & Energy

Far journeys to timelessness, out-of-body travel, kundalini arousal, transcendence, light, and universal love. Enjoy gamma beats. Explore.  

Complete & Classic

From beta mastery to chi, these albums systematically awaken and evolve. Complete Brainwave Training Program. Classic albums.

Complete Brainwave Training Program & Classic Albums

The Meditation Center is itself a complete brainwave training program, as it sequentially ushers meditators from relaxation, beta mastery, and alpha-theta development to the ideal Awakened Mind pattern and still higher states of awareness. There is also a four-album Complete Brainwave Training Program which includes the mind-expanding meditations presented as part of the four-seminar Awakened Mind Practitioner Training Program. 


Under Classic Albums, we also make available Anna Wise's classic High-Performance Mind brainwave training program and Judith Pennington's popular Meditation Experience albums. Both are highly affordable and effective.


For Mind Mirror owners, all recordings come with time-annotated scripts downloaded automatically to the Portal's Meditation Viewer. (Read more below.) This innovative software feature aligns the meditation instructions with your brainwave patterns, thus revealing the next best steps and directions for your brainwave and consciousness training practice. 


The Meditation Center reunites the Mind Mirror with the Awakened Mind principles and science that sprang from it. Working simultaneously with the brainwave state and the content of consciousness is the quintessential path to conscious evolution. It will enhance your brainwaves and states of consciousness with rapidity and ease. 

How to Purchase Albums for Listening and Use in the Meditation Viewer

For your convenience and optimal listening pleasure, the albums in the Meditation Center are in WAV files made available as digital downloads. The only exception is the previously recorded meditations, which are Mp3 files. 


To purchase an album in the Meditation Center, please click on its Buy Now button. If you are not a Mind Mirror owner, simply download your purchased meditation into your computer and enjoy it with your music player (iTunes or Windows Media Player, for example). 


If you are a Mind Mirror owner and have signed up for the Portal, your purchased album or albums will automatically download with their time-annotated meditation scripts into the Mind Mirror Portal program installed in your Start menu. You can also purchase meditation recordings within the Portal Client accessed in your Start menu. 


If you did not subscribe to the Portal with your PayPal email address, please let us know about your album purchase so we can manually load the recordings into your Portal Client and their scripts into the Meditation Viewer.

Starting Your Mind Mirror Session


When you are ready to start your meditation, hook up to your Mind Mirror, position your earbuds, open your computer's Start menu, and select Mind Mirror Portal. It will open your Portal Client. Select your purchased album and meditation track, get nice and comfortable, and press the Record button in your Mind Mirror software. Close your eyes and the track will begin to play.


When the meditation ends: press Stop, name the session, and Save it. The Portal Client will automatically upload your Mind Mirror session and process the data within a few minutes. By the time you unhook and Login, your summary data will be waiting for your review. Click on the meditation's "bubble" on the Dashboard to obtain your Mind Mirror Summary and other analytics; be sure to click Edit and write about your meditation experience and determine your best values on the Sensualization Scale and Table of Subjective Landmarks.


Now you are your own Mind Mirror practitioner and guide. Enjoy! May your practice be delightful. That is our goal.