Higher States of Awareness & Energy Mastery

These meditations will usher you into altered states that are likely to elicit the Mind Mirror's Awakened Mind, Evolved Mind, Gamma Synchrony, and/or Universal Consciousness brainwave patterns. Their intent is to sensitize you to subtle energies and amplify your conscious connection with the quantum field of love and light.


While listening to these meditations, notice subtle-energy shifts and find internal landmarks for them. Over time, you will see extraordinary changes in your brainwave patterns in tandem with increases in clarity, creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness. Keeping a journal will help you track evolutionary changes in your awareness, perceptions, and relationships. In waking life, you will be more likely to experience peak moments of illumination. 


There are no contraindications for this category of brilliantly written and conceived guided meditations. Powerful and highly effective, they are nevertheless gentle and loving in connecting you with your spirit. After meditation, make sure you are thoroughly grounded before driving a car or re-engaging in daily life. Eat some food, walk barefoot on the earth, or imagine tree roots extending from the bottoms of your feet deep into the core of the earth.  


Where noted, some of these meditations include 40- and 80-hertz gamma frequencies artistically created by Robert Holbrook, director of innovation for The Monroe Institute. If you experience any discomfort from these high-frequency beats, stop listening and ground yourself. If you try them again later on, you may find that your brain has acclimated to the high frequencies.


Most of these tracks feature spacious, soul-stirring soundscapes by Enlightened Audio. Relax and allow this beautiful music to support you and carry you into your spiritual heart, soul, and higher self. It is our great joy to present these masterworks of enlightenment.   


The Encounter with Light

By C. Maxwell Cade


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These incredibly powerful meditations mirror the enlightened mastery of Max Cade, a scientific mystic who adeptly led students to transcendent dimensions of consciousness. As you expand and rise up, you will likely produce Evolved and Superconscious brainwave patterns that will also stabilize your Awakened Mind. 


Practice the first two voice-only tracks and the energy mastery technique in The Golden Waterfall Meditation as often as you can. Enjoy the glorious ebb and flow of music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio during the Golden Waterfall Meditation.


·       The Encounter with Light. You become like a crystal and light up. You are flooded with light from above.    9:30 minutes.


·       Meditation on Candlelight. Your whole body, alight and aglow, like a luminous figurine in purest crystal.  5:07 minutes. 


·      The Golden Waterfall Meditation. A waterfall of warm, golden light rains droplets of revitalizing chi on your body and energy system. Music: Celestial Light. 13:51 minutes.





By C. Maxwell Cade


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Experience stillness so pure and feelings so sublime that you let go, time stops…and you enter infinity. These visionary meditations are dazzling in the beauty of their sensory-rich language, swelling out of waves of magnificent music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio. 




·       The Rainbow. A waterfall, an inner voice, and you perceive the magnificence of all existence in utter stillness, beyond time. Music: Letting Go. 20:46 minutes.


·       Together, Now. There never was a time when this moment was not going to be. Music: Letting Go.            14:41 minutes.


·       The Moon. Sail above the earth in this serene, transcendent, and deeply moving meditation meant to engender equanimity and a sense of timeless eternity. Music: Across the Sky. 10:25 minutes.  


·       Journey Through Time. Watching clouds, you drift into a new dimension and begin to whirl back in time through the ages. Vocal guidance without music. 12:35 minutes.

Far Journeys

By Friends of C. Maxwell Cade


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Birds of a feather…enlighten together. Mind Mirror co-inventor Geoff Blundell conducts you on camelback to the Great Pyramid of Giza to meet…well, you’ll see. Nona Coxhead, esoteric writer and co-author of Max’s book, beckons you out of your plane seat to travel out of body. Jules Cashford, Ph.D., a literature and philosophy scholar who studied the Psychology of Consciousness with Max, shows you the sea as never seen before. Christopher Lloyd Clarke's expansive music on two of these tracks helps to elevate the body and soul.  


·       The Pyramid, by Geoff Blundell. A camel caravan travels to the King’s Chamber and what you need most. 16:53 minutes.


·        A Journey Out of the Body, by Nona Coxhead. It’s a beautiful feeling, joyous and free. Music: Adrift, Vol. 2. 15:37 minutes.


·       Meditation on the Sea, by Jules Cashford. At the water’s edge, the air shimmers toward you, dissolving your body in waves of light. Music: Across the Sky. 15:09 minutes. 



By Anna Wise


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These essential higher-state meditations awaken the kundalini life force to illuminate and heal self and others. Conceived and written from transcendent perspectives, these compositions display Anna’s higher mind and masterful writing skills. Exquisite music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke supports the rise into the higher self for unforgettable experiences of great power and beauty.




·       Expansion and Contraction of Consciousness. You feel the expansion in your energy system…and experience the union that is your birthright, your origin, your home. Music: Constellation. 22:21 minutes.


·       Gathering the Healing Energy for Transmission to Others. Let the heart and brain come together and the energy come out of your hands. Music: Ascension. 19:45 minutes. 


·       Kundalini Meditation. You are a pool of white light, pool of energies about to be unleashed. Music: Celestial Light. 27:16 minutes. 


In, Out & Through, Vol. 1

By Anna Wise and iAwake Spiritual Technologies


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Two extraordinary masterworks by Anna Wise gain power and dimensionality with the hypnotic soundscapes of internationally recognized musician Leigh Spusta and brainwave entrainment by iAwake Spiritual Technologies. Expand into your higher self to heal yourself and others. Soar into unforgettable experiences of great power and beauty. Powering up your energy system will illuminate your physical body and enhance your mind's creativity, insight, intuition, and spiritual awareness.


Click on the Buy Now button to read enthusiastic testimonials on iAwake's website and learn about the entrainment frequencies used in these tracks. This is brainwave entrainment at its best: Anna's brilliant composition, Judith's warm voice, Leigh's compelling music, and frequencies designed to heal and elevate consciousness.  


Important note: For inclusion of these tracks in the Meditation Viewer, please write Andrew Tang to let him know about your purchase of this album.


·       Expansion of the Self. You feel the expansion in your energy system…and experience the union that is your birthright, your origin, your home. This is the voice track from the Kundalini album, re-engineered with music by the internationally known composer Leigh Spusta and brainwave entrainment frequencies by iAwake. 20:27 minutes.


·       Gathering Healing Energy. Let the heart and brain come together and the energy come out of your hands. The voice track from the Kundalini album gains 3-D power with Leigh Spusta's music and iAwake's brainwave entrainment frequencies. 20:02 minutes.  

Superconscious Mind

By Judith Pennington


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The meditations in this collection are designed to stimulate high-frequency gamma waves and the integrated superconscious transcendence of the Gamma Synchrony brainwave pattern. Judith’s vivid imagery and crystalline guidance are amplified by an innovative array of gamma frequencies crafted by Robert Holbrook of The Monroe Institute, where all four of these meditations (and The Timeline) proved to be highly effective in a large-scale trial.


Expect powerful insights, subtle energy arousal, body-soul harmony, connection with your higher self, and perhaps an out-of-body outing; try again if you don’t get loose the first time. Bob Holbrook has pitched the music to the more organic 432A scale, which together with Christopher Lloyd Clarke's deeply moving compositions wire these superconscious journeys into the brain and psyche for lasting effect: their ultimate intention.    


·       Expansion. The rhythmic transfer of energy between your human heart and spiritual heart draws you to love, revitalization, and superluminescent expansion. Includes a balanced ratio of low and high delta with 44 and 88Hz gamma brainwave entrainment frequencies. Music: Constellation. 30:00 minutes.


·       The Matrix. A languid inner journey through your physical matrix, biofield, and the quantum field provides insights while you balance and unite your energy centers and all dimensions of yourself. Brainwave entrainment builds on low and high delta balanced with 8Hz alpha and a 3-D orbiting 44Hz gamma sound. Music: Letting Go. 32:00 minutes.


·       The Wise One. Follow the path to the golden light of the Wise One and know yourself as never before. Includes 40 and 80Hz gamma frequencies. Music: Adrift. 36:13 minutes. 


·       Cosmic Waves. Surf the waves of consciousness and float out of body. The music is interwoven with low and high delta, a double alpha-theta harmonic in the middle of the track, plus 44 and 88Hz gamma frequencies. Music: Across the Sky. 30:00 minutes.


The Star of Pure Love

By Judith Pennington


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Never underestimate the power of love. It uplifts us more than anything else by exciting subtle energies and super-ordinary brainwave patterns that enlighten the body, mind, and spirit. Spend a beautiful meditation on nothing but loving yourself and others. Journey through a tunnel of light to the Star of Pure Love. Soar with angels into your higher self. There is only love and the sparkling remembrance of it. Enjoy the exquisitely beautiful waves of sound by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio.


·       Meditation on Love. Feel what the love of others means to you and give yours where it’s needed. Music: Adrift. 23:51 minutes.


·       The Star of Pure Love. A tunnel of radiant white light opens to a magnificent evening sky and pure love. Music: Constellation. 27:28 minutes. 


·       The Bridge of Angels. A mystical landscape, angelic beings of light, a meeting with your immortal self. Learn what you need to know about your essence. You don’t have to believe in angels to soar with them. Perceive them as an embodiment of light. Let the music play your heartstrings. Music: All Loving Angel. 33:34 minutes.



Energy Healing & Mastery

By Anna Wise and Judith Pennington


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Sensing and feeling the vibrant aliveness of subtle energies lifts the body electric, the heart’s love, and the mind’s awareness into higher and more spiritual states of consciousness. These ancient esoteric exercises focus on the chakra system, circulation of energy, and auric field.


Purely vocal guidance enhances one-pointed attention and concentration toward the amplification and transmission of energy to heal self and others. The Orbit, Up and Out, and Meditation on the Chakras are among the spiritual practices presented in Seminar 4 of the Awakened Mind Practitioner Training Program.


·       The Orbit, by Anna Wise. Circulate the chi in the microcosmic orbit. 4:41 minutes.


·       Up and Out, by Anna Wise. Let the energy build and ride it out into the universe. 6:24 minutes


·       Meditation on the Chakras, by Anna Wise. A slowly unfolding meditation on the colors and characteristics of your chakra system. 23:32 minutes. 


·       Circulation of the Diamond Light, by Judith Pennington. An ancient Taoist practice raising the kundalini to the golden flower at the crown to form the diamond body believed to travel intact from life to life. 18:01 minutes.