Classic Albums for Training the Awakened Mind

These albums are popular classics by Anna Wise and Judith Pennington. They include active, working Awakened Mind meditations and some Evolved Mind exploration of higher states of awareness.


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The High-Performance Mind: Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing and Creativity

By Anna Wise. Released in 1998.


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This classic 4-CD album vocalized by Anna Wise develops the high-performance brainwave pattern of the Awakened Mind. Anna’s step-by-step program begins with beta reduction and deep relaxation, segues to theta and delta exploration, and orchestrates the Awakened Mind state through meditations geared to self-discovery, healing, and transformation. She suggested using these recordings in order, beginning with Disc 1, to ensure that the entire range of frequencies would be covered in the training process. Music by Kit Walker. Contact us for a booklet.


·       Beta Mastery. Includes a series of exercises: Become Aware of Thoughts, Relaxing the Tongue, Slow Your Breath, Concentration Exercise, Withdrawal From Your Thoughts.  27:50 minutes.


·       Deep Relaxation. A soothing progressive relaxation for creation of a relaxation landmark.   21:45 minutes.


·       House of Doors. A deep exploration of theta within the house of the subconscious mind.  20:48 minutes.


·       Kickstarting Alpha. Includes Alpha Eye Rolls, Sensualization Exercises, and Autogenic Exercises.  26:32 minutes


·       Self-Healing Meditation. Use imagery to self-heal and lock that image of health inside you.  22:01 minutes.


·       Accessing the Creativity of the High-Performance Mind. Relax, sensualize, and recall a time of peak creative flow. Immerse yourself in it and create. 24:42 minutes.


·       The Bubble. Expand your bubble to better know yourself and others. 21:22 minutes.


·       Transformation. This classic Awakened Mind meditation invites you to dialogue with a question, issue or challenge, discover what needs to happen, and allow the transformation to take place. 26:32 minutes.


·       Healing Circle. Drift down into a circle of healing and up into your higher self for profound healing and change.  26:33 minutes 


·       Opening to Clarity. Receive light, all through your body, and allow illumination to take place. 18:25 minutes.


The Meditation Experience: 

Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Volume 1

By Judith Pennington, Recorded in 2008 and re-released 2013


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These nature-based meditations by Judith Pennington open to deep relaxation, light-filled insights within the temple of the subconscious, and deep self-healing in a radiant garden of light.


Keyboardist Gina Balducci’s musical soundscapes use Schumann and Pythagorean frequencies in The Lake of Inner Peace and The Inner Temple. The Healing Garden is accompanied by the soothing sounds of Judith’s Celtic lap harp.


·       The Lake of Inner Peace. Relax into the depths of inner tranquility and find a landmark for deep peace and relaxation. 17:55 minutes.


·       The Inner Temple. Journey into self-discovery within the temple of your subconscious mind. 25:57 minutes. 


·       The Healing Garden. Self-healing in a garden of radiant light. 25:10 minutes.


The Meditation Experience:

Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Volume 2

By Judith Pennington, Recorded in 2008 and re-released 2013


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These light-filled meditations by Judith Pennington, originally recorded in 2008 and released in 2013 by A.R.E. Press, access the Awakened Mind for creativity, insight, and inner transformation. In Gifts of Insight, find gifts that will be useful in your life. The open-ended Creative Light taps vibrational currents of creative flow. Resolve issues and clear blocks in The Journey of Transformation. Judith’s zither and melodic singing accompany these mind-awakening and life-enhancing meditations.


·       Creative Light. The rainbow colors of the chakras inspire creative thoughts and intuitive insights.  25:19 minutes.


·       Gifts of Insight. Find helpful gifts during a beautiful walk in a redwood forest. 22:30 minutes. 


·       The Journey of Transformation. Climb a mountain to rise into higher perspectives for resolution of a question, issue or problem. 28:40 minutes.


The Meditation Experience:

Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Volume 3

By Judith Pennington. Recorded 2008 and re-released 2013


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This trilogy of musical meditations by Judith Pennington is deeply spiritual in its journey to the wisdom of the soul. Begin in the body with conscious breathing and toning to relax, revitalize, heal, and expand your awareness. Appreciate the light-filled beauty of Woods and Water and yourself in a powerful elevation of awareness. Then rise still higher up to the Illuminated Door to learn more about your spirit. Keep pen and paper on hand to record the intuitive insights you receive, especially within the Akashic Hall of Records, where you will perceive your mission in this life and perhaps others. Judith’s zither, or Celtic lap harp, and improvisational singing enhance these profound meditations into your Awakened Mind and higher self. 


·       Breathing Light. Conscious breathing and chanting heal through the resonant power of subtle energies. 12:34 minutes.


·       Woods and Water. See your true self and listen to the voice of your essential being. 33:21 minutes. 


·       The Illuminated Door. Enter the Akashic Library to read your fascinating Book of Life.  25:05 minutes.

The Meditation Experience:

Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Volume 4

By Judith Pennington. Recorded 2008 and re-released 2013


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These alpha exercises by Judith Pennington include a sensory-rich walk through nature, a celebratory dinner and dancing, and sensory exercises closing with an ocean reverie. Create an “I am” statement with personal insights from a beingness meditation, What Instrument Am I, that will power up your body-mind and life.


A bonus track, The Heart of Meditation, invites you to create a mantra to more easily maintain focus during silent meditation. 


·       A Special Dinner. A sensory feast with Rob Stoneback’s big band orchestra. 15:09 minutes


·       Autumn Woods. Walk in the woods and awaken to the natural world. 9:41 minutes


·       Orange Trees by the Ocean. A series of images for each sense leads to oceanside revelation. 15:14 minutes.


·       What Instrument Am I? Discover your musical qualities and characteristics. 10:48 minutes 


·       The Heart of Meditation. A guided meditation eliciting joy and your creation of a mantra for silent meditation. Harp accompaniment by Judith Pennington. 16:25 minutes.