Alpha Development: Building the Alpha Bridge

Consistent, stable alpha is the bridge to the depths and heights of meditation, and it is the gateway to the eyes-open Awakened Mind of the meditation masters. Max Cade wrote that the Awakened Mind “is like gradually awakening from sleep and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality—only it’s everyday reality from which we are awakening!” The alpha bridge, connecting all levels of the mind, is that awakener.


These inventive exercises feel like creative mind play. They are that and more. Exercising and strengthening the alpha bridge unites us with our essence in theta and our spirit in delta, making what was unconscious, conscious, until all things are known and understood, resolved, and harmonious. The meditator is then a completely conscious, awakened being.  


Alpha brainwaves resonate with the frequencies of nature, relaxing the body and quickly reducing the beta waves of overthinking, stress and anxiety. Alpha is like a tuning fork. As the body and mind relax, the brain is freed of static and grows more coherent. The result is strengthened concentration, mental fluency, and creative imagination, as well as improved health and well-being. 


Consistently sustained alpha increases the depth of meditation and the profundity of subconscious insights. Externalized into daily life, alpha's enlivened senses increase our sensory enjoyment of the natural world.   



Exercising Alpha

By C. Maxwell Cade and Anna Wise


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These short exercises power up alpha's bridging capacity between the conscious and subconscious mind. Practice these short exercises separately or in sequence. Notice how you feel, as your alpha unites you with subconscious intelligence and a deeper appreciation of nature. It could be helpful to note your Sensualization Scale scores in your Portal file for record-keeping and easy reference. 



·       Five Alpha Word Pictures, by Max Cade. Five beautifully vivid scenarios exercising all the senses. See, hear, feel, taste, smell, and sense the location of your body in space.  5:47 minutes.


·       Sensory Sequences, by Max Cade. Images for each sense awaken alpha and close with a meditation on your life. Which are your strongest senses? And which ones need to be strengthened?  8:44 minutes.


·       Drink Sensualization, by Anna Wise. Pinpoint your strongest senses during this short, clever exercise and practice it in daily life to externalize your alpha to waking awareness. 3:46 minutes.


·       Alpha Development Word Picture, by Anna Wise. Join Anna in a walk down a country lane and into a living forest to sensualize what you encounter. 6:24 minutes. 


·       Spiritual Sensualization Exercises, by Anna Wise. Spiritual imagery for each sense to elevate your alpha to a higher plane. 5:47 minutes.


The Green Door and       

Other Fantasies

By C. Maxwell Cade


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These extended and richly detailed sensualizations (using any or all of the senses) demonstrate Max's concept of alpha as not just a bridge between the conscious and  subconscious, but also as a gateway to multisensory and multidimensional awareness. Fast-paced, hypnotic, and other-worldly. Enjoy strengthening your alpha and possibly obtaining theta-gamma insights and discoveries.  


·       The Autobahn Fantasy. A mind-flip to a fairy castle takes you out of time into fascinating spaces. Let your imagination flow and expand. 16:00 minutes.


·       The Green Door Fantasy. Down the rabbit hole you go, through levels of consciousness to…well, you’ll see. It’s one surprise after another. 12:17 minutes.


·       The Blowhole. This fascinating journey to a tourist attraction leads you to a powerful and healing release of pent-up energies. Amplified alpha involves healing theta and perhaps delta in this meditation. 16:02 minutes.