The Network

The Mind Mirror practitioners and self-trainers listed on this page are available to hook people up to the Mind Mirror EEG for a brainwave meditation session. Please contact them directly, ask about their fees, and schedule your appointment. 


Mind Mirror sessions provide meditators with important insights into their minds and lives. During your session, you may wish to engage in your own meditation or experience a guided meditation track from one of the albums in the Meditation Center. Perhaps your provider will suggest a meditation.


After your session, the Portal will analyze your brainwave and physiology data. If you wish to have an in-depth report on your session from a second Network provider, please note that certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainers are listed below in blue.  

United States



Gary Groesbeck and Donna Bach, Certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainers

Integral Awakened Mind



Phone: (209) 984-8950

Gary and Donna, longtime Awakened Mind Practitioners, assisted Anna Wise at Esalen Institute and today travel the world to teach their unique variation on Awakened Mind training: NeuroAlchemy Flow. They offer practitioner trainings and group brainwave trainings, with their specialties including fusion of EFT and contemplative neurofeedback, and witnessing and non-dual states with an Integral framework.



Cheryl Preston, founder and director of Open Mind, LLC



Open Mind optimizes health and wellness in the warmth of human connection and a lifestyle approach to well-being. Focusing on the uniqueness of the individual, we invite embodied learning through yogic movement, expressive art, and meditative wisdom. Exploring inner resources, we focus on discovered capacities of restoration and renewal. Informing new embodied self-awareness, we engage in a direct relationship with the basis of well-being.


New York


Andrew Tang, Portal co-developer and Certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer

Websites: and Avier Tech and InstitutefortheAwakenedMind.Asia


Phone: +1 (201) 633-0289

The software wizard who conceptualized and developed the Mind Mirror Portal, Andrew Tang is a native of Hong Kong who has lived and worked as a software entrepreneur in the United States for the past 30 years. He practices many holistic healing techniques including Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Reiki, Joe Dispenza’s Coherence Healing Method, and brainwave training as a Mind Mirror Practitioner. He has studied the ACMOS Method and Biogeometry, and he regularly attends programs at The Monroe Institute, where he has also served as a Mind Mirror monitor. Read more about him.


Bethany Gonyea, Certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer & Biofeedback Specialist

Founder, Global Peaceful Cities Project, Peace Meditation Researcher



Bethany is a longtime mind researcher and biofeedback specialist who is dedicated to meditation as a tool for healing. She organizes healing events in different New York cities to investigate the effects of distant healing on the city and its environs. A certified Mind Mirror practitioner, she is the author of Happiness Athlete: Living An Empowered Life In Real Life.



Paula Pugliese, RN BCN QEEGD

Mind Vision Inc.



Phone: 570-898-3012

Paula is a board certified neurofeedback provider and a certified diplomate in QEEG. She provides neurofeedback and biofeedback services for clients with ADD, ADHD, Autism, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and other conditions that benefit from neuronal regulation. She use meditation and mindfulness in her work with victims of trauma and substance abuse. She considers herself a spiritual seeker and a student of consciousness. Hawley is located two 2 hours west of New York City and one hour northeast of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.   



Rachel Allman, Mind Mirror Practitioner Trainee, Artist & Entrepreneur


Phone: +1 (484) 627-2954

Rachel is a gentle and compassionate Mind Mirror Practitioner Trainee who has assisted in practitioner trainings and in group brainwave monitoring at The Monroe Institute. She is an artist with the Mind Mirror hookup and a highly intuitive meditation guide with high-level pattern interpretation skills. She is located in Bath, Pennsylvania, near the surrounding cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton near the border of New Jersey. Read her bio.


BYRON BAY, Hinterland, NSW

Oxana Bondarchuk, Mind Mirror Practitioner & Practitioner Trainer


Phone: +61 (02) 6688-4705

Oxana is a teacher in psychology with a diplomate in Transpersonal Psychology and a background in corporate marketing. She worked as a business trainer before moving from her native Moscow to Byron Bay and ultimately taking up Mind Mirror work. She facilitates and moderates IAM's webinar program and periodic newsletter, "Eureka Times." Read more.




Andrea Pennington, M.D., speaker, author, and publisher


Phone: +33612747709

An integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, and sex educator, Andrea is a best-selling author and TEDx speaker who has written and contributed to 10 books. A former medical director and wellbeing reporter for the Discovery Health Channel, she focuses on positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, and self-love. Her goals are to help people create and enjoy a life filled with passion, purpose and ageless vitality, including with the Mind Mirror. 


Liz Carey Libbrecht, certified Mindfulness instructor and Awakened Mind Practitioner trainee


Phone: +33 660 54 51 79

A long-time yogi and meditator also practicing the Joe Dispenza work, Liz is a certified Mindfulness teacher and CFM-qualified MBSR instructor, energy psychologist, IFS therapist. and bilingual translator (English-French). She is the co-founder of Quantum Way, an organization in France that presents conferences featuring world leaders in the fields of science and spirituality.


Daniel Wagner


Phone: (33) 627592175

Domaine de Belle Etoile, Le Forest du Serre, Gap 

A NeurOptimal practitioner, Daniel and his wife Pascal, a somatic psychologist, live in a lovely town near Paris. They are dedicated to meditative transformation toward inner peace and happiness.



Suzanne Tempel, Certified Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer

Co-founder and director of The Phoenix Fellowship:  an association for an international program on all aspects of spiritual growth, mediumship, healing, and personal development.



Phone: (0031) 628124117

Suzanne is an Awakened Mind Practitioner, mind researcher, certified teacher of mediums, certified live coach and biofeedback specialist. For years she worked as a freelance business interim manager and trainer before taking up Mind Mirror work.

Specialties:  Awakened Mind Practitioner and Coach Trainer, private and group sessions for Personal Transformation, Creativity, Intuition and Flow, Business Performance, Spiritual Awakening and Evolving Consciousness for Healers, Mediums and long-term Meditators.