Mind Mirror Brainwaves and States of Consciousness

The meditations and exercises in the Meditation Center, tested on thousands of people wired up to the Mind Mirror, are designed to stimulate five ideal brainwave patterns. These patterns include the open flow of inner peace, unity, and awareness in silent Meditation; the Awakened Mind of creative flow and peak performance; the Evolved Mind of bliss and unity consciousness; the Superconscious Mind of Gamma Synchrony; and the highest-known Universal Consciousness pattern. 


Below are explanations of each pattern. To learn more about the descent into meditation and these higher states of awareness, please visit the Patterns of Consciousness webpage on the Institute for the Awakened Mind website.


What Brainwave Patterns and States Does the Mind Mirror Measure?


The Mind Mirror’s unique, composite dual-hemisphere display of interrelated frequencies and categories (gamma down to delta) mirrors the activities of the mind with uncanny precision and reliability. The Mind Mirror display is a visual language that can be read and interpreted, which enables you to adjust and master your brainwaves and thus your states of consciousness. 


If you do not have a Mind Mirror of your own, these descriptions of the five ideal states of consciousness may help you get a sense of your brainwave patterns. Finding landmarks (a word, symbol, concept, or body sensation) which describe your inner experience will help you return to that brainwave pattern and state. It is possible to intuitively adjust your brainwave patterns to access and master preferred states of consciousness.

The Frequencies and Categories of Consciousness

In Max Cade and Anna Wise's time, the Mind Mirror displayed a frequency range of 0.5 to 44 hertz, or cycles per second. The Mind Mirror 6 increased the range to 100 hertz, inclusive of low, mid, and upper gamma. Below are explanations of the brainwave categories, their content, and how they combine into the five ideal patterns.


Note that gamma is placed last in the list. This is because not everyone produces gamma or wants to. Many long-term meditators prefer to rest in the low, slow frequencies of deep meditation in alpha-theta-delta.

Beta (38-14Hz)

The conscious mind of active external awareness:

the intellect’s verbal, linear, and logical thought processes.

List-making and decision-making speed up beta.

High-frequency, high-amplitude beta indicates stress, anxiety and panic.


Alpha (14-8Hz)

Relaxed, sensory awareness activates and is tangibly felt

as the mind shifts from the external to the internal world.

Daydreaming, reverie, visualization, imagination.

Alpha is the all-important frequency bridge that connects

the conscious mind with its subconscious.


Theta (8-4 Hz)

The subconscious mind of long-term memory, dreaming,

REM sleep, emotional healing, intuition, and spiritual insight.

Theta is the repository of one’s essential being, core self, psyche, or soul.


Delta (4-0.5 Hz)

Personal unconscious mind, the doorway to Universal Consciousness.

Deep, restorative, dreamless sleep; also animated by empathy.

Delta is a kind of instinctual radar that scans the environment

and psychically picks up information and energy.


Gamma (30-100Hz)

Superconscious awareness often activated by high-amplitude theta/delta.

Experienced as peace, transcendence, super-lucidity. Evoked by love and compassion.

Associated with mystical union, spiritual ecstasy, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. 

Brainwave Patterns and their Meanings

The Meditation Center offers recordings designed to evoke and condition these five ideal brainwave patterns. The meditations in the Relax and Balance category quiet thoughts in beta's conscious mind and increase the flow of awareness across all frequencies within the silent Meditation pattern or the Awakened Mind, if some thought is present. The meditations in the Awakened Mind category are designed to awaken and enhance creativity, insight, healing, and spiritual connection. These active, working meditations involve conscious beta during the search for solutions to questions, issues, and challenges, in order to condition it for deep meditation and waking awareness.


It is possible for Awakened Mind meditations to evoke higher states such as the Evolved Mind, Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness, depending on the content encountered and how it affects the meditator.


The meditations in the Higher Awareness/Energy Mastery category are the most likely to evoke the highly advanced patterns of the Evolved Mind, Gamma Synchrony, and Universal Consciousness.  

Silent Meditation


During meditation, the beta brainwaves of the conscious mind are inactive and flat or nearly flat, as shown at left. Sensory alpha (green), the highest amplitude in most patterns, provides a bridge to blue theta's subconscious memories, insights, creativity, and spirituality. Here the 9Hz band of alpha connects with subconscious theta. Delta’s unconscious mind amplifies to seek empathetic or psychic connection. Delta is active in most people.


Meditation is defined as a combination of alpha and theta in the proportions shown here. This ratio allows for the free flow of awareness through all brainwave frequencies and levels of the mind. Relaxed, sensory alpha combined with theta content (the material of the mind) provides the depth and profundity of meditation. Over time, the silent meditation pattern, with eyes-open beta added back to the pattern, generalizes as the Awakened Mind of mastery.  

The Awakened Mind of Creativity and Flow


The Awakened Mind is an open flow of awareness with access to the clarity of beta, the relaxed, sensory awareness of alpha, the creativity, insight, intuition, and spirituality of theta, and the empathy and psychic awareness of delta. It is the pattern of the sudden “aha” insight, self-inquiry, and creative problem-solving, where the mind is awake to itself. 


Meditation practice stabilizes flares of this pattern until it is continuous. When the alpha bridge is stable and continuous, the mind is consistently open to itself and this self-awareness is generalized to waking life. The Awakened Mind masterfully solves its own problems. Its goal is conscious evolution.


The awakened person is creative, spontaneous, happy, enthusiastic, loving, compassionate, non-judgmental, self-actualized, and of service to self and others while living a joyful, fulfilled, and spiritually aware life. 

The Evolved Mind of Unity Consciousness


The circular Evolved Mind of oneness signifies the light of illumination. A progression of the Awakened Mind, this pattern appears  when the ego surrenders to an open-hearted connection with the non-local field of the collective unconscious, universal mind, or God. United with itself, merged with the Field, the Evolved Mind is a blissful state of absolute knowing that all is one. This is the non-dual pattern of oneness and mystical union which opens to enlightenment. 


During the Evolved Mind's experience of self-transcendence, beta curves downward to merge with alpha; alpha and theta amplify and unite; and delta curves upward to transport energy and information up into conscious awareness. What was unconscious becomes conscious. Everything is known and understood. The meditator becomes a fully  conscious being connected with the infinite intelligence that is the quantum field of universal light.   


The Evolved Mind pattern, even when produced with the eyes closed for only a few timeless seconds, is a quantum leap in consciousness. The light absorbed during this state of awareness rewires neural circuitry and stabilizes the Awakened Mind pattern, paving the way for peak moments of illumination in meditation and everyday life.

Superconscious Gamma Synchrony 


The superconscious Gamma Synchrony pattern of self-remembering and God consciousness consists of high-amplitude gamma (45-64Hz) over an Awakened Mind pattern. When these frequencies are stimulated, gamma waves ripple across the brain, synchronizing the four lobes and frequencies into superconscious levels of awareness.


Gamma production is highly beneficial to the brain and consciousness. It increases hemispheric symmetry and coherence, allowing for a more efficient flow of information across synapses. In this optimized functioning, clear of static, the brain forms new neurons (neurogenesis) in the frontal cortex and hippocampus, increasing the mind’s capacity for intelligence, memory, and learning.


Gamma also rewires neural circuitry (neuroplasticity), which promotes inner healing and change that is carried into everyday life. Gamma enhances thought, perception, and mental integration. It appears during "aha" experiences and likely stimulates the Awakened Mind pattern in lower frequencies. It is known to stabilize this pattern. 


Researchers have linked gamma with mystical union, spiritual ecstasy, out-of-body travel, lucid dreaming, high-level mental clarity and lucidity, high attentional awareness, super-learning, love, compassion, and spontaneous healing. Gamma frequencies are most often seen in meditation masters, psychics, mediums, and healers; however, they can be stimulated through audio technology. Five meditations in the Higher States category involve 40- and 80-hertz gamma beat frequencies. 


The characteristics are happy spontaneity and high-level intelligence directed to spiritual endeavor. A progression of the highly intuitive peak-performance Awakened Mind and the non-dual Evolved Mind, this superconscious pattern can be externalized to eyes-open waking life.

The Ultimate: Universal Consciousness


This is the highest known Mind Mirror pattern, in which the meditator merges with the non-local field in 100Hz frequencies which are much higher than the same-shaped 44Hz frequencies of the Evolved Mind. This extremely rare pattern of union with Ultimate Reality has been seen in only a few highly advanced people of great spiritual feeling and connection: intuitives, mediums, healers, and long-term meditators.


This Universal Consciousness pattern, Max Cade's State 8, is synonymous with cosmic consciousness. Often it involves a spontaneous inflow of energy and information either during the meditation or afterward. People who produce this pattern sometimes lose all sense of the physical world as they enter the "void" of emptiness which is an absence of personality. Gamma audio technology can stimulate these higher frequencies and carry the meditator into an awareness of the light of pure consciousness.


The Meditation Center includes several recordings by Max Cade, Anna Wise, and Judith Pennington which are designed to arouse subtle energies opening to this pattern of pure spirit.  

For more information...

on the Meditation and Awakened Mind patterns, read the ground-breaking books of Max Cade and Anna Wise. Anna also discusses the Evolved Mind pattern and kundalini awakening in her two books.


To learn more about Gamma Synchrony and Universal Consciousness, read Judith Pennington's 2012 bookYour Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense, or visit IAM's Video Gallery for webinars on gamma.