Gamma Beats & Unity Consciousness

Gamma-based audio technology is a powerful launching pad for journeys into non-local states of consciousness. This just in from K.K. of India, a meditator since 2003 who catapulted into oneness after listening to the "Expansion" track in Judith Pennington's Superconscious Mind album: "During the Meditation there was an opening and outward expansion. Towards the end of the meditation I was getting bored and wondering why am I not having any visions or experiences. There were no thoughts running on default. The thoughts were only those which I consciously chose to think. After the Meditation is where the actual experience occurs. Everything outside of me was me. I looked at the chair, table, food, my wife...everything was I. Inside and outside was I. It was not the I that I identify with as was a different I, and this I was everywhere that I focused on. It was the most profound experience I have had so far. It lasted for many hours until I slept. My sleep was very deep. The next morning my outlook on life shifted and I came to my normal consciousness. Thank you, Judith!"


Thanks also to Bob Holbrook, Innovations Director for The Monroe Institute, who powered up this album with his artfully designed gamma brainwave entrainment audio technology. Thanks also to The Monroe Institute  for the special licensing that made Bob's superconscious work on this album possible. As Bob says, the Mind Mirror patterns are portals to higher dimensions of consciousness. So are his gamma beats and musicality.  

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    Chris (Friday, 10 February 2023 13:43)

    Gamma brainwave entrainment is one of the most powerful inductions one can ever experienced. I create my own binaural beats audio recordings, so the left ear hears a tone of 200 Hz while the right ear hears a tone of 250 Hz.

    Because the brain doesn't percieve the two tones as separate - upper end of 50 is when it's fully separate - it tries to recreate the difference between the two. It's essentially an auditory illusion.

    Unity consciousness is something beautiful and extraordinary. Once the audio has put you in the gamma brainwave state, life suddenly becomes more real than ever, and it will blow your socks off.