Intentional Coherence Meditation for Peace in Minneapolis and Beyond

The Mind Mirror Portal opens on June 19, 2020 with a week-long International Coherence Meditation that fulfills its mission as a global consciousness network bringing the Mind Mirror to the world through data analysis and evolutionary guided meditation.


Global Peaceful Cities Project has partnered with The Monroe Institute, the Institute for the Awakened Mind, and the Mind Mirror Portal to invite their communities and the general public to “lift the world from your living room" from June 19-26, 2020. Everyone is welcome to join this event. It is an opportunity for participants to facilitate their own healing and the healing of others at 7 a.m., noon, and 7 p.m. each day “so that we have the presence of mind to have the difficult conversations required for sustainable change,” said Bethany Gonyea, director of Peaceful Cities.


June 19, also known as Juneteenth or Freedom Day, is an American holiday that honors the Emancipation Proclamation which freed African-Americans from slavery in 1865. Plans are underway for a Facebook or Zoom meeting that will introduce the week of meditations and upcoming main events. 


At noon on June 20 and 26 (EST), participants from across the U.S. and different countries will hook themselves up to the Mind Mirror EEG to measure their brainwave patterns during a 20-minute meditation written by Gonyea. The meditation contains brainwave coherence-inducing audio support composed by Robert Holbrook, innovations director for The Monroe Institute. The participants’ brainwave patterns will live-stream to the Mind Mirror Portal, a web-based global consciousness initiative which will average their Mind Mirror EEG patterns into a single pattern which is expected to change while participants listen to the meditation and transmit peaceful intention to Minneapolis and beyond.


According to Andrew Tang, co-developer of the Mind Mirror Portal, “Participants in different parts of the world will hook up to the Mind Mirror and connect with a Portal application that allows viewers to see in real-time the brainwave activities of up to nine participants.” The participants’ brainwave patterns will be displayed anonymously.


After the meditation, Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) founder Judith Pennington will comment on the brainwave changes observed in the nine participants and the averaged group brainwave pattern. Pennington is the co-developer and driving force behind the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a research-grade electroencephalogram which displays a visual language that anyone can read, understand, and use to adjust their brainwaves to optimal states of awareness.


“The Mind Mirror is the perfect—and only—EEG that measures visually intelligible brainwave changes that everyone can understand,” said Pennington. “IAM is excited about this collaboration, which is the first of its kind. The Mind Mirror Portal makes it possible.”


Gonyea elaborated, “The idea of this experiment is to see whether focused peaceful intention, acquired through guided meditation and Monroe audio technology, facilitates coherence in the meditators, all participants, and possibly in the city of Minneapolis.” In addition to Mind Mirror data, objective measurements will be made on a Happiness Survey completed by participants before and after the group meditation and possibly a random number generator which measures sudden change in environmental norms.


Intentional research by Peaceful Cities and other scientific investigators has proven repeatedly that coherence in the brain and body balances these systems, reduces stress, and facilitates clarity, personal well-being, excellent decision-making, and optimal performance. Over the past several years, Peaceful Cities has conducted experiments with other cities. Objective outcomes are measured by Karin Reinhold, Ph.D., professor of mathematics and statistics at State University of New York at Albany.


A 2018 Peace Project in Schenectady, New York, demonstrated a 25 percent reduction of violence in the area of focus compared to the rest of the city. The 2019 Albany Peace Project demonstrated a 30 percent reduction in crime in the area of focus compared to the rest of the city.


Global Peaceful Cities Project, sponsored by the non-profit organization NUMINOUS, trains communities on the use of proven intentional meditative techniques to reduce violence and increase peace. “The project currently includes several pilot cities and schools and will over time reach many more cities across the globe,” said Gonyea.


Join us for this Portal opening event and watch the Mind Mirror, the Mind Mirror Portal, and the IAM community in action. Please write Judith if you have any questions or visit the Peaceful Cities website to learn more.